Every Day is Garbage Day

by Troy Lukkarila

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Garbage Day 02:58
Sleeping with the town's abandoned babies And a headless dog- must of had rabies. There's stuff in here to keep you warm. And right over here I found some kiddy porn. And the bullets just bounce off this tank. It's safe in here, I got Dimpster to thank. Cause a Dumpster can be a fine place to stay. You just have to steer clear on... Garbage Day. Garbage Day. At night I put it on the front lawn. Wake up tomorrow, it's all gone. Garbage Day. Garbage Day. I wash my hands of this shit. Let someone else deal with it. They're oblivious I have a hunch. What they call filth, I call lunch. And I know all your secrets- I know who is on the rag, I know who wants a boy friend, I know who is a fag. And a nightly lullaby of a woman getting beat It echoes in my walls, helps me get to sleep. A dumpster is a splendid place to stay You just have to steer clear on... Garbage Day. Garbage Day. It's just wonderful, life is so clean My junk is compacted by a machine Garbage Day. Garbage Day. Just like that, I dispose of my sin Next thing you know, I can begin again.
Guys in Ties 03:01
Cigar smoking. We were joking. We were just having some fun. Guys in ties are number one. We were toasting. And we were boasting. Singing our little drunken songs. How can guys in ties be wrong? We had a bimbo. Did the limbo. I took a pinch of her ass. These guys in ties are really a gas! And they were teasing. Then she started screaming. She was begging "Please stop!" Those guys in ties were piling on top. And I was still laughing. I watched the whole thing. And her teary eyes looked up at me. And I just looked down to the ground. Oh! What have we done? Oh! What have we done? Case was thrown out of court With a chuckle and snort Thanks to a few of our white lies. Judge knew guys in ties are always civilized. I went home. I was alone. Have to live with the deeds I've done. Guys in ties, I'm no longer one.
I know He's got angels in his pocket. I know You can always trust a prophet. I know You've got faith to spare. I know You're full of hate because you care About you And me And our eternity. I know He made buttons for your mouth. I know God dwells in your house I know You've got it figured out. I know You feel you must shout At me For God And that seems just a little odd. But I don't believe That you believe In me. Give me a chance. Give a kid a chance He might surprise you. I remember when I was young Kneeling in the field Praying that God was real And that I could see him Then I could love him, too The way that you do. But I guess it doesn't work like that. I know I'm going to struggle with this all my life. I know I'm a skeptic and a cynic until I die. I know I'll remain silent as I pass I know It's wrong to harass For God And me It's the one thing I believe..
Sermon 00:39
Friends 05:27
I'm so glad that you dropped by. I've been needing a friend for a long time. Sometimes it's hard to leave my bed. Sometimes it's hard to lift my head. Friends! Friends! It's good to have them. Friends! Friends! We all need them. Do you want to watch some of my teevee? I'm so happy you came to see me. I will cook you a square meal. And we can play some cards, I'll deal. Friends! Friends! We all need them. Friends! Friends! Don't ever forsake them. If you want to read I'll give you my best mag. If you want to speak I'll loosen up the gag. But you must promise that you won't scream. By the way, having you here has always been my dream Friends! Friends! It's good to have them. Friends! Friends! Can't live without them. I'm am sorry, does that rope burn your skin? Well then close your eyes and slowly count to ten. Very soon this will be your past. It all depends on how long you last. Friends! Friends! I'm glad I have them. Friends! Friends! Can't get enough of them. Is that anyway to speak to your host? I didn't want you to be sorry you came But now you're going to have to be punished! And you've got no one but yourself to blame! So what do I have to do To get you To stop all that screaming And carrying on? You know you don't need all the toes on your feet. I just want a little part of you to keep. The rest of you can go in the fridge. I will save you for a special binge. Friends! Friends! You got to watch them. Friends! Friends! Don't always trust them.
Whores 02:49
I've always loved you. You always knew. And there's one thing more Will you be my whore? I always treat you kind Just like you was mine I ain't no wimp. So let me be yo pimp. She's like my sister But I like to kiss her. If you think we're funny Just watch us make money. And I never beat her You just have to meet her. But remember she's my ho. So I get half the dough. You don't know what it's like To wake up and want to sell your soul But no one is buying. You don't know what it's like With no hope of getting by But I keep trying. You don't know what it's like Satisfying other people while I feel rotten And sad. You don't know what it's like To give away the only thing you've got Or ever had. Maybe we really are just whores. Weekends she goes down When I take her in to town. Monday's it's all free Cause she's doing it with me. If you got twenty bucks You can see the way she fucks But she saves the best for me Cause I'm her P-I-M-P!
I miss you... Little brother... I always stole your nose. Little brother... I'd spray you with the hose. But teasing was just part of growing up And I'm sorry that you're still bitter I thought by now you'd understand I know I was a terrible baby-sitter Little brother... I used to scare you at night. Little brother... You couldn't sleep with fright. And thinking back I guess I was the worst monster I could be. But I believe if our roles had changed You would have done the same to me. I know you want to beat me up. I know you want to knock me to the ground. I know you want to break my pretty little face. Come on and take your best shot you little pussy. I kicked your ass then and I'll kick your ass now SO COME ON! COME ON! You know little brother, I thought that we could be friends I think we can... I know we can. Little brother... Try to relax Little brother... If it helps I'll let you hit me back But you should know I would have beaten up Any bully who came around I'm sorry it turned out I was the worst bully to be found. And I miss you.
Bitter Man 03:32
Sun, don't rear your head. I'm sulking in the dark. I'll stay bed I'll curse the lark. You won't see a grin. I don't have a kind word I wallow in the sin. I flip the bird. Please forgive me, Lord I'm not always this way. Please forgive me, Lord I don't always mean what I say I'm just a bad man Don't like what I am. I'm just a sad man. Don't like who I am. I'm the bitter man. I'm the bitter man. I'm always mad at you And I'm always mad at me. I'd like to tear in two People full of glee. I got something to prove. But I don't know what it is. Can't get my life to move So I'll just take a whiz. Please forgive me, Lord. Please don't go away Please forgive me, Lord I've been led astray I'm just a bad man Don't like what I am. I'm just a sad man. Don't like who I am. I'm the bitter man. I'm the bitter man. For too long I took for granted The time I'd been given. For too long My heart was beating But I wasn't living. And I hate the system And the robot fools With no wisdom We are Satan's tools. I want to run But we have too many chains And we have big guns But we have little brains Please forgive me, Lord. I'm starting a new day Please forgive me, Lord I've heard it's never too late. ... I'm the bitter man.
Leroy 04:40
Leroy was such a wimp. He couldn't run like us He walked with a limp. Leroy wanted to be like us But he was just a dork And he couldn't keep up. And we used to run and hide Cuz we knew he couldn't find Us in the summer Of fun. And we used to leave him behind Cuz we knew he'd never find In the summer Of fun... At least it was for us. Leroy was our favorite chump. We liked to kick him around. We liked to beat him up. Leroy tried to hang with us But we'd call him names And we'd punch his gut. And somehow we'd get high When we made old Leroy cry In the summer We were young. And I never did ask why We always liked to make old Leroy cry In the summer We were so young And we were dumb. I remember your birthday party My mom made me go. Why? I don't know. But you were OK then Without my other friends. I remember your birthday party. Your mom bought us toys. There were no other boys. Just you and me And your mom made three. Leroy got his head smashed with a rock I guess we went too far. I guess we couldn't stop. Leroy found death was a cure Which one of us killed him I'm not really sure And some people want to use force To get us to show remorse For the summer We grew up. My friends and I, we lied About the way that Leroy died In the summer We grew up. And we learned how to shut up. Leroy... God bless your soul.
Savior 01:35
Mirror Man 02:44
I'm hard to spot in a crowd. I look like everyone else. And when you look into me. You only see yourself. I don't get invited to parties. But you always find me there. Acting just like everyone else, Pretending people care. I'm the mirror man Avoiding stones when I can. When you're laughing at my case, You're really laughing at the human race. I'm the mirror man- I have no face. If you're mad- I'm mad. If you're sad- I'm sad. If you're crying- I look like I'm crying.
Smart Boy 02:50
Smart boy Head of the class Why can't you figure out You gotta take a bath. And the smart girl A four point O. Why can't you figure out You got Bee Oh. Should we tell them? Come on fella's We should tell them But we're jealous Of the smart girl Our grades can't compare Why can't she figure out She has to wash her hair. And the smart boy At chess we can't compete Why can't you figure out You have to brush your teeth. Should we tell them? Come on fella's We should tell them! They could help us. They look so sad and alone at lunch Someone else to talk to could help them so much socially As long as that someone isn't me. No way I'm gonna risk my popularity! You can't eat your boogers and keep your friends. You can't eat your boogers and keep your friends. You can't eat your boogers and keep your friends.
Suzy 01:49
Oh Suzy You're such a little cutie. I'd love to smack you around some. I like your songs I like what you've done I just want to smack you around some. Maybe it's some kind of male dominance thing. Maybe it's cause I like to step on a flower. Maybe it's the style of the way you sing. Maybe it's a twisted need for power. I know it's not cool. I'm acting like a fool. I just want to smack you around some. It's not for lust. It's not a must. I just want to smack you around some. I don't think I can ever explain How my mind got in this rut. I just want to go a little insane And spank you on the butt! A little blood for your nose. A little knot on your head. A little fat for your lip. Don't need nothing in bed. A little black for your eye. A little smack for your cheek. A little spank for your butt. Let's do it this week! Oh Suzy You're such a little cutie. I'd love to smack you around some.


Troy Lukkarila's first album.


released January 1, 1998

Produced by Craig Spirko, Roy Peak and Troy Lukkarila


all rights reserved



Troy Lukkarila Jacksonville, Florida

First, quit looking at me that way. What's your problem?
Second, visit www.LukaLips.com to find out what Troy Lukkarila is all about. There are videos and cartoons and rants.

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